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The Department for Child Protection has a number of copyright licence agreements in place with copyright collecting organisations. These licence agreements allow schools to make copies of copyright works for educational purposes.

Schools that wish to rely on the copyright licences are under a statutory obligation to take part in copyright surveys from time to time

Only a small number of schools are involved in any year.

For additional information about copyright surveys, visit Smartcopying.

National Education Access Licence for Schools (NEALS)

The National Educational Access Licence for Schools (NEALS) is an agreement between the Commonwealth Department of Education, the state and territory education departments, the Catholic and independent school sectors and Education Services Australia that allows schools to copy and communicate material from each other’s websites and publications for educational use, free of charge.

This licence is no longer used. Any material that would have previously been licensed under NEALS, should now be licensed under Creative Commons.

When material is licensed under NEALS is updated, the NEALS logo should be removed and a Creative Commons licence should be put in its place.

See the Smartcopying website or the Creative Commons website for additional information.